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Type 1 Whistle Lanyards, T1  

T1 lanyards, the original KNOTSMITHTM whistle lanyards first made for sale in the mid-1980's, were plaited from four strands of 1/8" goatskin or, later, kangaroo leather lace over a nylon twine core. The slides were either braided knots or mesquite root burl knots, cut and finished to show the natural grain. If you have one of these, I will take them as a trade in. They are collector items. 

I am not  taking orders for T1 Lanyards currently primarily because I do not want to keep an inventory of 1/8" lace; however slides of mesquite root burl, black cherry, and antler are available on T2P2 lanyards that have approximately the same diameter.  See the T2 page.

t1mesq.jpg (85723 bytes)

Jim Strawn recently provided this picture of his T1 lanyard, made in '94 and in service for all the years since.  So far as I have been able to determine, most T1 lanyards are still in use.  If you have a T1 or early T2, send me a picture.

Last summer while looking for something else in my small collection of lanyards I've made, I found this early-designed, fixed-loop, plaited lanyard  (at right).  It is about one step above a knotted bootlace.  Well, maybe a step and a half, since the unusual knot forming the headloop is called a "Success Knot."  Nevertheless, it apparently was not attractive to those who saw it at the field trials I attended in those early days three decades ago, but after I made a picture of it and put it on this web page, I sold  the "Success Knot" lanyard to a nice lady in Ontario.  Success can be a long time coming.

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