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Type 2 Whistle Lanyards, T2

Lanyards for serious bird hunters!

T2 2005.jpg (494704 bytes)

First produced in 1993, T2 lanyards were the culmination of making, using, and improving many lanyards during the preceding 35 years of  field experience.  T2 lanyards, herringbone braided leather lace over nylon cord cores, are  robust, well-behaved lanyards. The braid is firm enough so your whistles won't swing wildly to and fro and strong enough to hold a dog as a slip lead when a field emergency makes that necessary. The tan kangaroo T2 whistle lanyard at left has a brass covey counter, a Fox 40 Classic whistle with my logo,  and a quail call.    

Variations on the T2 lanyard base  include the fixed-loop T2FL (seen on the hat on the front page and at the bottom of this page), flat-braided neck T2FN lanyards immediately below, and the continuous-bottom-loop lanyards.  Accessories include brass compasses and counters, a variety of swivels and clips, and call loops.  All may be attached with Hitch Loops.

Lanyard Design and Options   How to Order and Prices


20th Anniversary T2 Classic Lanyard Series

In 2013 I offered a  20th Anniversary T2 Classic Lanyard Series  in any of the variations shown above and on this page and with any of the various brass accessories offered.   Each lanyard had its brass whistle engraved "20th Yr., T2 Classic, 1993 -2013 " While the engraved whistles are gone,  I will continue taking orders for a limited number of these special edition lanyards. Contact me if you would like one.  See Options and  Prices.

These T2 Classic Lanyards are made from a  special limited reserve (several spools) of vintage tan kangaroo lace produced by Tandy Leather while it was still a vertically integrated manufacturer with exceptional lace cutting technology and very good quality assurance and quality control. 
The T2 on the hat above, and the T2FL on the hat on the main page were made from this lace as were the tan T2FN and T2 shown at right. 
This T2FN, first in the T2 Classic Lanyard Series and featured in an
ad in
Shooting Sportsman,  was purchased by Dr. Thomas Keating, Mt. Pleasant, MI. 


t2fn7.jpg (119325 bytes)The T2FN-C lanyard at right, a design first requested by Mr. David N. Smith, Winston-Salem, NC, features a flat-braided neck piece of tan kangaroo lace and a continuous bottom loop with a slide knot,  two brass counters  (to count coveys or flushes, and or birds taken), and a single brass swivel with a brass Acme Thunderer logo whistle.  Order.


Above, a T2FN-C Lanyard, natural kangaroo with tan knots, continuous bottom loop with two brass counters and a brass whistle, made for Mr. John J. Russell.


The T2FN at right, black with tan knots, is a part of the Wood Upland Lanyard Series.  It features two brass counters, a brass Tru-Nord compass, and a brass Acme Thunderer


The T2FN lanyard at left, made for Mr. Don Bennett, West Point, GA, has a braid of white kangaroo with 1/8 tan accent and tan accents in white knots to suggest a white English Setter with orange ticking.  It has one brass counter, a brass whistle, and a tassel.




My personal T2 lanyard, at right  was braided using natural goatskin lace (goatskin lace has not been available since a revolution in Haiti in the late 90's). With use over the past 15 years, the natural goatskin has taken on a very pleasing patina. A Fox40 Classic with cushioned mouth guard rides on a McMahon snap swivel on my lanyard's right leg, and on its left leg, a microclip carries a quail call and a Trail Drop II digital compass by High Gear. 



The T2FN lanyard below,  chocolate kangaroo lace with tan knots, has a brass compass in the slide, two brass counters, brass swivels, a microclip  and a brass whistle. This lanyard was designed and produced for Gov. Bill Clements.

T2FlatNeckBrass.jpg (43922 bytes)

The T2FN lanyard at left, green with tan knots, features two brass counters, a brass whistle and two short detachable call loops. Made for Mr. John Flynn.


"Superb, exquisite, nes plus ultra!"  Dr. D.J. Catton.

The T2FN-C Lanyard at left, tan with black accents,  made to carry a transmitter, was requested by Mr. Jeffrey Owen, Asheville, NC.



The tan T2  lanyard at left, featured  in my ad in Shooting Sportsman Magazine, May/June 2014, p. 6,  was made for Mr. Mike Zimmerman.  It is equipped with one brass counter, a brass logo whistle, and a 100C Tru-Nord compass on K-Snap Swivels.

K-Snap Swivels are compatible with the other brass accessories and afford a very secure way to carry items on the legs of a lanyard, yet items can be easily removed when necessary.


See Options for a close up of K-Snap Swivels.

The T2FN Lanyard at left, tan kangaroo, with K-snap swivels, brass counters, Tru-Nord compass, and  whistle, features the engraving of Mr. John Towarnicki.


For the Ages....Park Cities Quail commissioned a special T2 Lanyard, shown at right, for presentation to Mr. W.C. Kirk, distinguished guest at the 2011 Annual Dinner and Auction held March 10, 2011.

The lanyard, done in the Martin F. Wood Classic Upland Lanyard motif, black kangaroo with tan knots, features the small bronze version of the  Park Cities Quail Medallion.  Mr. Kirk was also presented a full-sized 2011 PCQ Medallion, featuring an English Setter, and a very special, unique piece Walter Matia created to recognize and honor Mr. Kirk and his accomplishment.  

Mr. Tom Davis, Editor at Large,  recounted the remarkable story of Mr. Kirk and National Champion Johnny Crockett, the last* English setter to win the National Championship, in two articles in the Pointing Dog Journal, Jan/Feb 2010, p. 11, (Part 1) and Mar/Apr 2010, p. 10, (Part 2).   That feat was accomplished in 1970, and it was twenty-four years before that that a setter had last won that title.  We of PCQ were pleased to recognize and honor Mr. Kirk and to pay homage to the memory of National Champion Johnny Crockett!
* Until Shadow Oak Bo  did it in 2013 and again in 2014!  Congratulations!



The tan T2 lanyard on the left  has a brass logo whistle, a microclip, a quail call, and a knot to carry Blistex.

At left, a T2-C lanyard, a T2 with the Van Duyn Option, a continuous loop lanyard with a connecting knot at the back of the neck, made for  Mr. David Van Duyn, Hanover, MA.



T2chocnat.jpg (38112 bytes)  

The T2 lanyard at left, chocolate with natural accents in the slide and bottom knots, has one snap swivel and a tassel.


The T2 lanyard at left,  tan with chocolate accents, made for Mr. Roger Brown, Old Hemlock Setters, carries a 150C Tru-Nord compass compensated for the UP and a Fox40 Classic logo whistle with mouth guard (not currently available).

The  T2 lanyard at right, of natural kangaroo with chocolate accents in the knots, features optional Slide Stopper Knots. The tan T2 lanyard below  has two brass counters, brass swivels, and two microclips, a brass whistle on one and a Boker Model 93H bird knife on the other.   Options


 T2FL Fixed-Loop Lanyards (below)  have a head loop closed with a fixed knot (rather than a slide) and one snap swivel on a drop. The lanyard atop the main page is a T2FL with brass accessories. Below left, is a T2FL of  natural kangaroo with chocolate accents in the knots, and next to it is a tan kangaroo T2FL, with a 4X9 triple herringbone knot fixing the head  loop.   Mr. Mike Krol's T2FL  lanyard, shown in the next two pictures provided by Mike, features a brass compass with optional compass knot, a brass counter, and a brass whistle.  On T2FL lanyards, half the loop length plus the drop length equals the half length of the lanyard. For a discussion of practical minimum head loop and half lengths, see  Options Also see a discussion of fixed loop lanyards versus slide lanyards in FAQ.







The Beardmore Upland Lanyard.  At Mr. Jeff Beardmore's request, the T2FL-BUL  lanyard at left was designed and constructed to honor the three game birds he hunts: The lanyard braid depicts pheasant tail feathers, the main knots recall a grouse tail feather, and two knots flanking the brass counter stand out like the dark beady eyes of a woodcock.    (Normal length has a shorter drop.)  See OptionsOrder.

At right, a T2FLFN-BUL  lanyard (with a flat braided neck) made for Mr. Jay Moum.

I am not taking orders for T2FL-BUL lanyards currently.


Detachable Call Loops are popular accessories for  T2 and T2FL lanyards.

t2btsdcl.jpg (119965 bytes)The tan T2 at left has a detachable double call loop installed on the lanyard cheek.  It may be adjusted up and down and the length of the call loops can be varied.  The black T2 at left has two short detachable call loops attached to the terminal clips, and at right, a T2FL of natural kangaroo with chocolate accents in the braid and knots and with two brass counters, a brass swivel and whistle, has two long detachable call loops. For prices on detachable call loops, see T2 prices.  For dedicated Call Lanyards, see T2CL.





The early T2 Lanyard at left (the third T2 over all, and the first with stopper knots), was braided  of goatskin lace for Jim Heisz in early 1994 and has been in continuous service since. Although darkened by use, it has obviously been well cared for and  is in good shape.


Personalize your T2 by choosing a slide and two snap swivels, or one snap and a tassel (top left), or choose a fixed-loop with a single whistle snap on a drop. Subject to availability, choose the color(s) of leather (and accent) in the lanyard and braided knots. Colors are tan, chocolate, black, and natural (varies from white to cream). You may add one or two counters.   Options


T2P2 Lanyards are smaller diameter lanyards, 3/16" as opposed to 1/4" for T2 Lanyards.  The braid is 6X (as opposed to 8X for T2). T2P2 Lanyards can be had with braided knot slides (same price as T2 Lanyards) or with optional  antler, mesquite knot, or black cherry slides for an additional charge.  See an Example.

Extra-cost options and accessories: Slide-stopper knots (on the natural T2, top right); Call loops; Flush counters and Quail calls.

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