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Custom Call Lanyards, T2CL and T2FLCL

T2CL and T2FLCL call lanyards, with permanently attached call loops, are stylish but also substantial and tough, designed to carry calls securely.   Kangaroo leather lace herringbone braided  over nylon cord and twine cores produce a lanyard and call loops that will not stretch when wet.

A T2CL is made on a T2 lanyard base, and a T2FLCL call lanyard is made on  a T2FL (fixed-loop) lanyard base (See  prices).  Call loops may also be added to T2 and T3 lanyards using hitch loops.   A single loop T2FN TCL  is particularly suitable for wild turkey wingbone and trumpet yelpers. See below.  Options.

The T2CL Call Lanyard at far left was made by adding four call loops to a T2 lanyard base.   The photograph of this lanyard was provided by Mr. Jim Daniel. 

The T2CL Call Lanyard at near left was made for Mr. Al Yoak, Broken Arrow, OK.
It features two brass counters and a  brass whistle on a detachable drop.

The current style of making call loops provides a more secure attachment.
One end of the braid forming the loop is fixed in the slide knot. These loops are shown on the
T2CL Call Lanyards above right and below.


The T2FLCL Call Lanyard above left in chocolate kangaroo has a set of double call loops to carry a two-piece call. The braid with the call loops at each end slides through a loop on the drop so that the call will be horizontal even  if the diameters of the mouth piece and the barrel are different. The tan T2CL Call Lanyard above right, made for Mr. John Robert Dudley, III,  has a set of double call loops on each leg. One drop on the hitch loop carries a permanently attached 100C Tru-Nord compass, and a swivel and micro clip on the second drop provides an attachment for a whistle. 

See Detachable Call Loops on the T2 and T3 pages.

The Moore Spurs and Beards Project

The T2FLFN-TCL in the first two pictures below presents part of the spur collection of Mr. Burton E. Moore III,
Director of The Audubon Gallery,
Charleston, SC.   Mr. Moore's trumpet call on the lanyard was custom  made by Mr. Billy Buice
Mr. Moore's
corresponding beard collection is presented on a Beard Bar on the picture at right.
I appreciate Mr. Moore's sharing his photographs of these pieces.

My  T2FN TCL, T2 Flat-Neck Turkey Call Lanyard, is on a fine wingbone yelper made for me by Mr. Gene Mills, Blakely, GA


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