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Type 3 Leash/Lanyards, T3 A trophy that needs no inscription to explain that you earned it, and that it was custom braided especially for you!

 T3 SSM Leash Lanyard  above and on the Main Page was featured in Kimber's Marias shotgun ads and on the Kimber web page.
My T3 Leash/Lanyard  is an original design.   In a  late-night brainstorming session with Mr. Bill Norvell in early 1994, I  explained that my T2 Lanyard (designed and produced in 1993) was robust enough to serve as an over-the-head traffic lead in a field emergency.   Norvell, serious bird hunter and ever the research engineer, raised the ante with the following challenge, "Why not make a lanyard that could convert into a real leash (one piece of equipment that would better accomplish the two functions)?"  Research (mine) and engineering (Norvell's), catalyzed with several Buds (his), shortly produced a nylon-cord prototype Leash/Lanyard.  Within a few days I built and Norvell received, field tested, and enthusiastically endorsed the first braided leather T3 Leash/Lanyard.  The 200+ I have produced since have been popular with NSTRA field trial competitors, with upland bird hunters.  And they  became especially popular with  ruffed grouse and woodcock hunters after Mr. Martin F. Wood suggested (insisted on!) the addition of a compass and flush counters.  As usual, Bubba was right:  T3 Leash/Lanyards with counters and a compass have been very popular and very good to me! As result of the reviews cited below, the T3 Leash/Lanyard became my "signature piece" in 2002.
T3BlkTanKBrass.jpg (24062 bytes)This  T3 SSM Leash/Lanyard is from The Wood Classic Upland Lanyard Series, which features black braid with tan knots, a very successful color scheme first suggested by Mr. Martin F. Wood, Collectors Covey.

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"I just received my black T3 with tan knots.  Your craftsmanship is second to none!  The materials (brass compass and counters and kangaroo leather) and your work are outstanding.  I've been a grouse, pheasant, and quail hunter all of my life and finally found a lanyard worthy to be paired with my pre-war Winchester Model 21!  The wait was well worth it.  After all, Rome was not built in a day!  Many thanks for the work you do."   Chris Mason, Wayzata, MN.

T3SSM.jpg (38110 bytes)The designation SSM was first applied to the options package and configuration shown at right after a review by the late Mr. Timothy Leary in Shooting Sportsman Magazine, March/April 2002, p. 87.  The original  SSM  options (a   brass  compass and two  counters, plastic in those days) had been requested by Mr. Martin F. Wood for a grouse and woodcock hunter.   I appreciate the great response to Mr. Leary's review.   The demand for T3 SSM Leash/Lanyards increased further when, in a review  in Sporting Classics  November /December 2002 and November/December 2005, Mr. Tom Davis stated, "Comparing 'catalog lanyards' to these (KNOTSMITHTM  custom-braided) lanyards is like comparing a plastic ukulele to a Stradivarius!" 

The current SSM accessories package, shown at right, is  two KNOTSMITHTM brass flush counters, a Tru-Nord brass compass, and a brass Acme Thunderer logo whistle. 


The Barlock Classic Upland Lanyard, a T3 SSM in green with tan knots,  the good tastes of Mr. Ted Barlock. 






The Schuh Classic Upland Lanyard, a T3 SSM in green with natural knots,  the good tastes of Mr. Eddie Schuh 


Accessories,  brass compasses, counters, calls, etc.,  may be attached to T3 Leash/Lanyards with Hitch Loops.

T3 Leash/Lanyards have a body of braided leather over a nylon cord core, a whistle snap at the bottom of a 5.5" handloop, a " bronze bolt snap, and a small loop for closing the lanyard about the neck. Interwoven  knots cover nylon-reinforced connections (bolt snap and handloop).  Worn around the neck with the bolt snap fastened in the small loop, the T3 is a 21" whistle lanyard, useful when running your dog; but opening the bolt snap instantly  transforms the T3 into a tough, 32" leash, useful when collecting your dog and leaving the bird field. T3 leash lanyards are intended to be opened to be put on and off.  options

Primarily an upland lanyard,  T3 Leash/Lanyards can also serve as  waterfowl lanyards with the addition of a Detachable Double Call Loop as shown below on a T3 Leash/Lanyard made for Mr. Jim Heisz.  See options and prices

A current version of the T3 SSM Schuh Classic Upland Lanyard, shown below, was made for Mr. Rothwell.  It features K Snap Swivels



At left:  An early T3, a T2, and
a neckerchief slide,
 all in tan goatskin.

Produced for a customer in Kansas (before the brass counters and whistle were available), the T3 SSM below  features an optional knot braided around the compass and has a  Fox40 Classic logo whistle. See ORDER for prices of the T3 and the various optionst3ssmknt.jpg (201312 bytes)

T3 lanyards welcome and move in good company. Below  one is snuggled up to a 20-gauge A.H. Fox DE Grade from Connecticut Shotgun Mfg. Co., both in the good care and keeping of their host, Mr. Clair Kofoed,  Shooting Sportsman, who was kind enough to share the photograph.  Thanks!

FoxLanyard.jpg (144016 bytes)

The T3M Leash/Lanyard is a magnum version of the T3 in that it features a larger nylon-cord core and  a bronze Loc-Jaw snap. The  T3M pictured at right has tan knots on a green braid and  is equipped with a brass Acme whistle with my logo.  The brass counters do not fit the T3M lanyard's larger diameter.  See options and  how to order for prices.

Mr. Buzz Taylor's T3M, below,  has been in use in quail hunting and NSTRA field trialing for more than a decade. 

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Personalize your T3 or T3M Leash/Lanyard by choosing the color(s) of leather (and accent) in the body and braided knots. Standard colors are tan, chocolate, black, and natural (varies from white to cream). Color choices are subject to availability of the leather. Select accessories such as a second snap swivel, a brass Tru-Nord compass, brass counters, and or K Snap Swivel and logo whistle.