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Type 4 Slip Lead/Lanyards, T4
The T4 Slip Lead/Lanyard converts from a lanyard to a slip lead when leaving the bird field. The T4 has a body of braided leather over a nylon-cord core.  It has two loops, a 29" head loop (14.5" half length) with an adjustment slide and a 10" handloop (5" half length) with a whistle snap ("normal" dimensions).  Worn with the headloop around your neck, a T4 is a whistle lanyard, but with the headloop over your dog's head and with the slide adjusted,  a T4 is a short, over-the-head slip lead (traffic lead).   Reportedly this lead is a very effective control tool if the loop is arranged so that it passes up just behind the dog's ears and the sliding knot is centered on top of the dog's head.

t4.jpg (36662 bytes)

The T4 above is tan with natural accents in the knots and has a Fox40 Classic whistle with the my logo.  The handloop is longer than normal to accommodate Mr. Jack Elliott, Knoxville, TN, who first requested the T4 configuration.

t4tan2.jpg (32445 bytes)

The vintage, old-style Marble's compasses on this T4 and the one below are no longer available, and the current version is inferior to Tru-Nord compasses. 

In the "S" variation of the T4 Slip Lead/Lanyard (shown above in the lanyard mode), the slide knot is fixed at the end of one braid and slides down the other braid.  This results in a bit longer lead (30" versus 22") as shown above right (in the lead mode).

The small knot also slides  to limit the loop around the dog's neck in this mode and can be used to fix the slide in the lanyard mode. This T4S Slip Lead/Lanyard, braided in tan kangaroo lace, has two brass counters, a vintage Marble's compass, and a brass Acme Thunderer logo whistle.

Personalize your T4 by choosing the color(s) of leather lace   (and accent) in the body braid and in the braided knots. Standard colors are tan, chocolate, black, and natural (varies from white to cream). Color choices are subject to availability of the leather. Select accessories such as the brass compass, brass flush counters, and a brass swivel and whistle. See Options, Prices, and Ordering



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