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T-FLY  Custom Braided Lanyards
 for Serious Fly Fishermen

The first fly fishing lanyard I made was for Rick Pope, Temple Fork OutfittersTM  Fly Rods, in Dallas.  I recommend them!  If you want a unique fly fishing lanyard, contact me and let's discuss it. Call 214 893-9003 or email

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The KNOTSMITHTM T-FLY Fly Fishing Lanyard provides a convenient means to carry your fly fishing tools in style! The basic fly fishing lanyard is a fixed-loop lanyard braided of eight strands of kangaroo lace over a nylon cord core.   Four stainless steel Mini Clips and or Micro Clips on the lanyard cheeks and a central stainless steel ring provide points of attachment for tippets, forceps, scissors, nippers, pill fobs, a mini-light, SPUDZ Ultimate Lens Cleaning Cloth, etc. Note that the lanyard at left has two MiniClips on top and two Micro Clips on the bottom.   See Options.

The T-FLY Fly Fishing Lanyards at right and below, made for Mr. Sam Gary, Jr., were braided in tan kangaroo, feature a gate snap on the bottom and  four Micro Clips for fly fishing gear and two pig tail alligator clips, one to attach to the shirt front and one to serve as a "third hand." The lanyard below also has a flat braided neck. If you are interested in a lanyard of this type, please contact me.

This T-FLY-FN Flat-Neck Fly Fishing Lanyard,  in black kangaroo with tan knots, features two pair of miniclips, a flat-nosed clip on a pigtail, a ring at the bottom, and two brass counters on a hitch loop drop.  It was made for Mr. Mike Tenbus.  The counters are to record the number of two species of fish caught during a long session of catch-and-release fishing.


This T-FLY Fly Fishing Lanyard  in chocolate kangaroo with flat braided neck, three pairs of Micro Clips on the cheeks, a Mini Clip on the bottom and a pigtail with clip, was made for Mr. Brian Greig, Austin, Texas. 

This configuration is $525 in any of the available color combinations.

The unique T-FLY Fly Fishing Lanyard at left, designed and made for Dr. Ben Zivney, College Station, Texas,  features an antler fork bottom and a flat braided neck. 

TFLYtanblkK.jpg (29418 bytes)At left a tan  T-FLY Fly Fishing Lanyard   with four Mini Clips and a stainless steel terminal ring, and on a drop it has  a special stainless steel sleeve  with my logo and the date. A brass counter may be installed on the drop in lieu of the sleeve. 

At leftT-FLY Fly Fishing Lanyard , natural with chocolate accents in the knots and 4  Mini Clips, and a gate snap.


My  (KNOTSMITH T-FLY) Fly Fishing Lanyard is all I'd hoped for and more.  It is functional, well made, comfortable to wear, and pleasing to the eye. Best of  all are its comfort and functionality.  It organized my tools and made them readily accessible.  As a fly fishermen I can pay it no higher compliment than it keeps my flies in the water!  Mike Mott, Elko, NV. 

Mike holds the NV state record for rainbow trout: 16 lbs 8 ozs, 30.5"

lfly.jpg (19415 bytes)

My  (KNOTSMITH T-FLY) Fly Fishing Lanyard is the best looking lanyard I have ever seen, a quality item that will make the fishing experience more enjoyable. I don't believe that there is a better lanyard on the market. Bob Leonard, La Grande, OR.

Design your T-FLY by selecting the half length, the length from the back of the neck loop to the bottom of the ring.  Use a cord and determine where you want the bottom of the ring (or bottom clip) to hang on your chest, mindful of where the clips will be  above it.  A   30" head loop is a practical minimum (i.e., contributes 15" of half length).  A half length of  16.5" to 17" seems to fit most folk, but do measure where you want the points of attachment to be on your chest:  too high and it will be difficult to see/remove items; too low/too long and the gear gets in the way.   Select the lanyard color and (if you wish) knot color and or accents (tan, black, chocolate or natural). Prices start at $250.    See Frequently Asked Questions OptionsHow to Order & Prices


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