Larry Smith

In the late 1980’s I began selling whistle lanyards that I had designed and made, and by 1991, I was exclusively making lanyards custom-braided as per customer orders. In 1993, I was asked to make a lanyard different enough from what I had been making that I labeled it a Type 2, or  T2, Lanyard.  Then the first T3 Leash Lanyard was designed and produced in 1994.

My objective was and is to make each customer a personalized lanyard that meets carry and use objectives, looks good, and will last. Designed and custom made to fit you, your lanyard will comfortably and securely carry what you want to carry and make those items conveniently available for efficient use.

I have designed and currently make several types of lanyards to meet customers’ needs: T2 Lanyards and T3 Leash Lanyards were designed primarily for use in dog training, upland bird hunting, and field trialing. With the addition of Detachable Call Loops, either may be converted to use in waterfowl hunting. T2CL Call Lanyards were designed with permanently attached call loops for water fowlers to carry duck and goose calls. TFLY Fishing Lanyards were designed for fly fishermen who wanted to carry a minimum of gear without a vest or pack.

With a creative use of Hitch Loops and accessories one can create a Versatile Lanyard System to support a wide variety of activities.  That is, Hitch Loops can be added or removed to appropriately equip the lanyard for a given activity without having to carry items that are not likely to be needed.

For example, a T2 or a T2FL Lanyard with one drop and a whistle serves well for training.  Adding a Hitch Loop or two with one or more call loops equips that training lanyard to support hunt tests, field trials, and waterfowl hunting.  Removing the Hitch Loops and call loops and adding a Hitch Loop with counters and or a compass equips that lanyard to support grouse and or woodcock hunting.  A Versatile Lanyard carries what you need for an outing and does not have to carry items you are not likely to need.

I also make Other Items; a variety of miscellaneous accessories and gear to support hunting, including utility lanyards, dog leads, and bird carriers, etc.  And I am open to one-of-kind, or first-time, customer requested items.

Select the lanyard type appropriate for your predominate activity. Personalize it by determining the appropriate length, choose accessories that support your activity, and select a color scheme that looks good to you. Complete and submit the appropriate order form.

Your custom-braided lanyard will give decades of service and satisfaction if given occasional preventative maintenance and appropriate care after use.

I custom braid lanyards for specific customers.  I do not make lanyards for resale to third parties, and I do not sell accessories except to my lanyard customers.  While I respect various conservation groups, bird societies, and dog organizations and the work they do and the services they provide, I do not donate or sell lanyards to be awards,  raffled or auctioned off,  or given as door prizes in fund raising activities.  Don’t ask.