(Even if not frequently) I have been asked about…

What's the expected delivery date?

Typically about 3-4 months after an order is confirmed.

How tough are KNOTSMITH lanyards? Will they stand up to field use?

In general, my lanyards stand up well to normal field use provided they receive regular preventative maintenance and appropriate care after use. The most common and serious problem from use is getting the lanyard or leash wet repeatedly and then not replenishing the oils that are leached out of the leather. Salt in sweat accelerates deterioration of leather. Lanyards and leashes gotten wet, muddy, or sweaty should be saddle soaped soon afterward. See Lanyard Care.

Are the lanyards actually hand-braided? Are they imported? Are they real leather or some plastic? Are your lanyards strong and tough; Will they stretch?

I hand braid each lanyard using real, kangaroo leather (imported of course). The lanyards are tightly braided and strong. All my products have nylon-cord cores selected so that the lanyards do not swing wildly to and fro as you walk or ride. As a result my lanyards are much stronger and tougher than lanyards without cores, and they will not stretch in normal use.

What are counters on a lanyard for anyway?

Counters are primarily used to count flushes of grouse and woodcock, but may also be used to count coveys found or other events. One of my customers had them installed on his fly fishing lanyard in order to count the number of fish of two species he has caught and released. Another customer uses his counter to keep track of “points” while duck hunting.

Where can I buy the brass counters you use?

You can buy them installed on the lanyards I make. The counters are made to my design and specifications, exclusively for me. I only sell them installed on my lanyards and on drops.

I already have a lanyard, not one of yours. Can you install brass counters on it? If not, I want a drop with two brass counters on it.

I probably could, but I won’t. That violates my version of the First Commandment: “Thou shall have no lanyards other than mine before me.” The only lanyards I work on (and tolerate) are those I have made or am making. It follows that my brass counters are only for my lanyards, whether installed on the lanyard or on a drop attached to the lanyard. I am not going to put my logo counters on a lanyard made by somebody else. Go ask whomever you chose to buy your lanyard from for some brass counters! On the other hand, if you have one of my lanyards (as per my records), we can talk about installing brass counters on it or adding a drop with brass counters. This policy/principle applies to any accessory added to a lanyard, e.g., logo whistles, compasses, quail calls, call loops, hitch loops, etc. I only make accessories to go on my lanyards.

Do you have a catalog or brochure? Do you sell through catalogs?

I do not have a catalog other than these web pages. If pressed I could print up a brochure and mail it to you.

As a custom braider, I do not keep an inventory. Rather than asking you to buy an off-the-catalog-shelf item, I will braid your lanyard especially for you, to your design choices. As for including my lanyards in catalogs, it seems pointless for me (you) to pay a percentage to a catalog or any other middleman, uh, middleperson. Generating sales volume has never been a problem for me; rather my challenge has been braiding enough lanyards (and leash/lanyards, collars, and leads, etc.) so that the order list is not more than a year or so long. Under normal circumstances, I can keep the delivery to about 4 to 5 months.

As opposed to mass-produced catalog lanyards, I produce a quality product to your specifications and support my work. While I do not make warranty against abuse and neglect, I can frequently repair such problems on my lanyards.

Will you donate a lanyard to our organization (field trial, dog club banquet, bird forever, bird unlimited, bird society, etc.) to be used as a door prize or gift or to be auctioned or raffled? Or will you sell us one for the same purposes?

I custom braid lanyards for specific customers.  I do not donate or sell lanyards to be resold, awarded, given as door prizes, raffled, or auctioned off in fund raising events.