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KNOTSMITH TM Gift Certificates


If you need something tangible to give on a special occasion (i.e., now!) rather than waiting until I can complete a lanyard for you, please consider a gift certificate.  A gift certificate may represent a specific KNOTSMITHTM product or a dollar amount ($100 minimum, plus 8.25% sales tax if in Texas) that can be applied to purchase of a product.   In either case, giving a gift certificate allows the recipient to personalize a product by choosing size (length), color preferences, and  options.  

Purchase gift certificates for specific products by determining the product's  price from the How to Order  page.   Call and give me your credit card information or send me a check for the cost of the product plus cost of accessories and options and $20 for shipping and handling (and if in Texas, add 8.25% of the previous total for sales tax). I will send you an attractive gift certificate with a picture of the product you are giving, or I can send the certificate to the recipient with a note from you.  The certificate has an Options Information Form on the back for the recipient to complete before placing an order and redeeming the certificate.

When received, I will confirm the gift certificate order by return mail and place the order in my work queue.  The product will be produced and delivered when I work my way down to the order on my work list.  The lead time is typically about 3-4 months.  

Thank you for considering this option.  I wish you happy seasons (hunting & holiday).   
Larry Smith

Larry Smith
PO Box 830219
Dallas, TX 75083-0219

(214) 893-9003


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