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A  KNOTSMITH  T2FL Lanyard  with a  Marble's brass compass, a KNOTSMITH brass counter, and an Acme Thunderer brass  whistle  See other  T2 Lanyards.

 Welcome!    If I've made a lanyard for you during the past 20 years and you are a customer in good standing, Thank You!  I will gladly make you another one!  If you are considering a lanyard for the first time,  I look forward to working with you.  

The pleasure of  our time afield is enhanced by good bird dogs, a quality shotgun, and fine gear, including a custom braided whistle lanyard.  My custom braided whistle lanyard needs no inscription to explain that it is a trophy you earned and that it was hand-braided especially for you. With appropriate care, it will give years of service and style when worn hunting or trialing and, later, provide memories and satisfaction when displayed in your gun or trophy case. Ultimately, it can be passed to the next generation.

Explore these pages, look at the types of lanyards,  look at Options and How to Order, browse Frequently Asked Questions. and   consider my offer.    I  will be pleased to answer your  questions and take your order.   Please read my NOTE. And please note that estimated delivery is now about 5.5 months after order.   If you want a lanyard for this fall,  order it now.   Lanyards on hand now.
Larry Smith  214 893-9003

New prices effective 6/1/2012

 NEW *Bird Carrier   *
Honoring W.C. Kirk and Johnny Crockett

* Custom Engraver:
John Towarnicki

Policy on Donations

At  left, a set made for Mr. David N. Smith: a T2FN-C Lanyard, with two brass counters and a brass whistle, and a TBC Bird Carrier, both in tan kangaroo.  See  T2 and T2FN Lanyards.   David recently expanded the set, adding a TL Lead  shown below.

David's custom Krieghoff K20 is from Clay Target Sports, Inc


Tom Davis: "Comparing 'catalog lanyards' to these (KNOTSMITHTM  custom braided) lanyards is like comparing a plastic ukulele to a Stradivarius."    Sporting Classics, Nov./Dec. 2002, p. 54, and  Nov./Dec. 2005, p. 91.  Read the complete review from SC 2002Also see "The Tattered Autumn Sky" by Tom Davis.

Ralph Stuart: "My T2FN-C ... is truly a work of art that is not only beautiful but also a pleasure to wear." editor,  Shooting Sportsman, Jan/Feb, 2010, p. 20.

Tim Leary: KNOTSMITHTM  lanyards are second to none."   Shooting Sportsman, March/April 2002, p. 87.

Steve Smith, editor, The Pointing Dog Journal : "Every grouse hunter should have one of these!"  


At left, a T2FN-C Lanyard, natural kangaroo with tan knots, continuous bottom loop with two brass counters and a brass whistle made for Mr. John J. Russell.
See other T2 and T2FL Lanyards

Brass Flush Counters enable you to tally flushes of grouse, woodcock, coveys of quail, etc., for later transfer into your Waterproof Outdoor Journal or  Classic Hunting Journal and, by doing so, record the bird contacts each dog had, the productivity of various coverts, etc., on a particular day.  In future years, these data, along with  photographs and notes on observations and memorable events during the day, will make interesting reading and bring memory of the day into sharp focus even after that favorite dog (and, all too frequently, your hunting partners) have long passed.

One or more Brass Flush Counters can be installed on T2, T3, and T4 lanyards.   See Options.


WildragsT3SSM.jpg (74897 bytes)

Ingratitude dries up the fountain of all goodness.
Armand Jean du Plessis Duc de Richelieu

At left,  a tan T3 SSM Leash/Lanyard, with two brass flush counters, a brass compass, and a brass whistle.   See other  T3 Leash/Lanyards.

Wildrags for Bird Hunters!  Maximize your visibility and keep your neck warm  while bird hunting.  Hunter Orange Silk, 36" square, with embroidered logo and braided knot slide. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions:
Q1: "Do you have any lanyards on hand for immediate delivery?" 
No, but  if you are looking for a gift,  please consider a  Gift Certificate.

Q2: "What's the expected delivery date?"
A2: As of  07/25/12,  about  6 months.

Q3: "Where can I buy the brass counters?"
A3: You can buy them installed on my lanyards.  See Frequently Asked Questions.

Q4: I have seen "hand-braided" and "handcrafted" lanyards in catalogs.  Are those your lanyards?  If not, how are your lanyards different?
A4: See  Frequently Asked Questions.

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Texas Turkey Handle ; Because turkeys don't come with handles!  T-FLY Fly Fishing Lanyard  and a few other Extras

I am pleased to feature the work of custom engraver, John Towarnicki

The money clips at right are handmade and hand engraved, one of a kind, German silver money clips.  The ellipse is approximately 1 5/8 X 1 inches. The metal is .050 thick and the figures are relieved to .015.  If you are interested in one of these money clips or if you would like a personalized or custom engraved piece, please contact John by clicking on the picture.   Click here for more photographs of John's work.

For engraving on compasses and or brass whistles, contact me. On the Tru-Nord 100C compass below, John engraved a ruffed grouse on the back, and I added a brass dee ring and braided knot.