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Links to some folks and products that I am pleased to recommend:

In addition to their original works of art and limited edition prints,
I recommend their offerings of outdoor writing and photography,



Peter F. Blakeley 

More Birds in Your Bag

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Hey! Written, edited, and run by some great folk and read by some of my best customers!   Thanks!

The name says it all!

Whistles and about anything else  your dog needs afield.  Thank you Steve for carrying on a great family tradition!

Brian T. Hays

Elhew Pointers!
the tradition continues....

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 Two Fine Texas Sources of Great Dog Trailers:


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   In the Southeast,
Privet Hedge Kennels

Larry Pockrus, Gunsmith
214 801-1507     940 479-0309

Shotguns are more fun to shoot when they fit, work smoothly and shoot where you look. Larry takes care of that for me.

1220 North Treadaway Blvd.
Abilene, Tx. 79601

Do your feet a favor!  Call my boot makers. Tell Mrs. Debbie or Mr. Glenn Meek that I sent you.  They are carrying on the tradition of Debbie's father, James Leddy. Custom made boots  fit your feet, feel great, and look good a long time.  If I am not wearing a pair of Leddy's Legacy boots, I am wearing hunting boots, jogging shoes, or going barefooted! 

Contact Dick Murray for flat leather gear for hunting

Jorge Maldonado, maker of sheaths and other flat leather pieces, 956 650-4139.


 Functional Elegance!  An excellent place to store your lanyard when you are not wearing it (so your dog won't chew it up!).

 I recommend these folks and their great products.   SHEPHERD range finding scopes will make a better rifleman of you!

I met Jean (John) because I needed his "Removal" service on bees that had turned my hunting lease tent trailer into a hive.  He did that expertly and efficiently.  Then, as lagniappe, he gave me a container of his mesquite honey .  Wow!  It makes me feel more kindly toward both bees and mesquite! You owe it to yourself to try it.

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Great gifts and a good way to get your vitamin C!  Try it in a Tequila Sunrise!

Field Trial Magazine

American Field

rrr.gif (9139 bytes)  Luann Pleasant - Owner /Trainer
10712 Eaton Rd. Oakdale Ca. 95361 (209) 847-8523

Ed Erickson
Autumn Breeze Kennel
1728 315th Ave.
Isle, MN 56342
(320) 679-8218

If you think it would be mutually beneficial to exchange links and have a link to your web page listed here,
contact me.

Hunt'nHaul dog/tool boxes

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