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Man's Best Friend Finds His KNOTSMITH Lanyard


How do you lose a whistle lanyard? I have heard numerous ways over the years, but a good start is to carry it in your pocket rather than wearing it around your neck.

Charlie Hillis, a hunting partner of several decades ago and a carrier of misadventure in the Joe Btfsplk class,  lost a T1 lanyard that I had made and given him in the early 80's. The T1 was unique in that it featured a wood-burned flying quail on a mesquite knot slide. Charlie was fond of it, but thoughtlessly, he was carried it in his pocket rather than wearing it around his neck while exercising his dogs. His typical routine was to take a couple of dogs through a bird field, work them on some planted pigeons, and end the session with them romping in and around a pond. At the end of one of the romping sessions, Charlie discovered his lanyard was not in his pocket. He went back up to the bird field, the last place he had used the whistle, and looked for it. When he didn't find it, he took that group of dogs back up the hill, put them up, got a yard rake and a new batch of dogs to exercise, and went back to the bird field to look for his lanyard.

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The dogs ran while he raked and looked for the lanyard,  and then something really remarkable happened. Skipper, Charlie's then two-year-old Brittany, found the lost lanyard and proudly brought it to Charlie. What a find, what a retrieve, and what a dog! Skipper became a candidate for Charlie's Hall of Fame!*

And what a story. If you ever lose your lanyard, I hope your dog will find and retrieve it. If not, I can replace it (the lanyard that is!). Charlie was very grateful since a replacement lanyard would not have been free!

If you have a lanyard story, please share it with me.


Copyright KNOTSMITH 2001

* Instantly admitting Skipper to the Hall of Fame would violate the old Northeast Texas maxim: "Never brag on a dog until he has been dead at least three years. That way he can't show you up!"