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Price List & How to Order Custom Braided Lanyards

I custom braid lanyards to specifications in each order, and therefore, I require payment  prior to production.   For more discussion of my terms, please read  NOTE  below and Frequently Asked Questions.   The types of lanyards I offer are listed on the menu above, and each name contains a link to a page with a description and pictures of that lanyard type along with options and accessories..    Personalize your choice by  specifying length measurements, color,  and options.    Prices of lanyards, options, and accessories listed below are not open to negotiation. 

Please note:   I do not sell accessories as separate items.  I only make and or sell accessories as items within an order for a lanyard I am making for you or for a lanyard that I have made (as per my records).  If you were given a lanyard that I made and want to purchase accessories for it, provide the name of the person who ordered the lanyard from me and gave it to you.

FACT:  Regardless of how many and what kinds of discussions we have had about what you want, etc., I do not consider that you have  placed and confirmed an order with me until you have paid by check or money order or until you have given me a valid credit card number and expiration date.

Place your order by telephone, regular mail, or email to  I need to know
(1) Your name, shipping address, email address, and telephone number;
(2) The type of lanyard (or other product) you want and specifications such as length, color, and accessories;
(3)  How you will pay for the lanyard (or other product).

Calculate the amount of your order below, add shipping (and in Texas add sales tax, 8.25% of the total) and make your check or money order payable to Larry Smith.  Send your payment  by regular (USPS) mail to Larry Smith, PO Box 830219, Richardson, TX 75083-0219. 
Or send Visa, Master Card, or Discover Card  information (See Credit Cards in
FAQ ) to me via regular (USPS) mail or give it to me over the telephone (do not sent it via email). 

Since these products will be custom braided as per your order, they may only be returned with my permission (contact me)  for credit, exchange, alteration, or refund.  Refunds on credit card purchases may only (must) be made by credit to the purchasing card account. 

Please call or email if you have questions about these products and or the purchase process.     Thank you.   Larry Smith

Shipping & Handling: My default shipping method is USPS Priority Mail, $10.00 - $30.00 depending on insurance.
You may request shipping to a street address, via FedEX,  $30 for two business-day service. 
Shipping to addresses outside the US:  Actual cost plus $20.

Sales Tax: *** Texas residents add sales tax: 8.25% of the total (product cost plus shipping, handling, and insurance.)***

Consider a  *** Gift Certificate***        Page updated 06/0615    Estimated  delivery: 3-4 months

     Prices shown are effective on orders  confirmed after 10/31/14.
Price increases are due to increase in my suppliers costs.

T1, 4X braided leather lanyard with either a braided or mesquite knot slide   options  I am not taking orders for T1 Lanyards currently. Please consider a T2P2


T2 Lanyard or T2FL Fixed Loop Lanyard (with fixed loop knot rather than a slide, one drop with one whistle snap)  8X leather braid over a nylon core, a 1/4" diameter braid.
T2P2, Lanyard, 6X braid over a  nylon core, 3/16" diameter braid.  options


T2 Classic Lanyard SeriesT2 lanyards made of vintage Tandy kangaroo lace in any of the T2 design variations and with various accessory packages but including a specially engraved brass whistle.  For lanyards in this series add $200 to the base cost of the lanyard plus costs of design options and accessory package (excluding the whistle). 



Cost of T2 base + design options and accessories + $200

FN, flat-neck, Option on T2, T2P2, T2FL, or T-FLY lanyards:

           Slide-stopper or other extra knots on T2 or T2P2 per pair.     $40

Call Loops
Long Single call loops: fixed or detachable (at the collar bone), each:
Short Single call loops attached to leg ends  or detachable,  each:
Set of (two) call loops for two-piece calls (attached on legs or drops), per set
Detachable Double Call Loop (See the T2 page) (See T2 accessories and options)


T2SSM with Tru-Nord brass compass, on the slide, on a clip, or on a hitch loop,  two brass flush counters, and  regular logo brass whistle.


T2FL with Tru-Nord brass compass, one brass flush counter, and brass logo whistle, as shown on the hat on the  front page (except having brass swivels)


T2FN-C, a flat neck T2 with a continuous bottom loop, two brass counters, brass swivel and a brass whistle.


T2FN-C  a flat neck T2 with a continuous bottom loop, Tru-Nord brass compass on the slide or attached to the cheek with a hitch loop, two brass flush counters, and brass whistle.


T2 CL Call Lanyards with call loops permanently attached to the legs of a T2 lanyard base; one, two, three or four single loops or sets of double loops. 

T2FL CL  built on a  T2FL base, one or two single loops or one set of double loops;

T2FN TCL, T2 Flat-Neck Turkey Call Lanyard

250 plus
$75 per loop

$250 plus
$75 per loop
$100 per set


T3 Leash/Lanyard, 1/4" diameter braid over a nylon core,  1/2" bolt snap
Extra snap swivels,  each:
Detachable Double Call Loop (See the T3 page)
T3SSM, Leash/Lanyard, Tru-Nord brass compass, two
brass flush counters, brass whistle; options


T3M, Magnum T3 Leash/Lanyard, 5/16" diameter leather braid over a nylon core, 3/4" bronze Loc-Jaw  snap. Brass counters do not fit on these lanyards.     options


T4, Slip Lead/Lanyard 1/4" diameter, whistle snap, options


T5, Pistol/Transmitter/Rangefinder Lanyard 
Price depends on
length and other choices.  See  options

$265 to $325

TL 36" Lead, 5/16" body, 3/4" Loc-Jaw  or bolt snap.
Optional slip ring and slide knot, $40 

TLS, 42" Slip Lead. Optional slide knot to limit loop, $40, options


  • T-FLY, Fly Fishing Lanyard, 1/4" diameter leather braid over a nylon core, 2 pair of stainless steel  MiniClips and or MicroClips on the cheeks and a terminal ring.  Options:  Flat Neck, third pair of cheek clips, terminal MiniClip or Gate Snap, pigtail clips.  options
$325 plus options

 TBC Bird Carrier,  six drops, ~ 6" long from the 1/2" eye on the  2 1/2" long, bolt snap to the bottom of the  drops.   See Options     
Belt Loop



TDC Round braided Dog Collars options
TDCF Collars, flat braided leather laminated with nylon web backing.
           Brass name plates installed.


Bobwhite Quail Call by Thomas Game Calls, with a braided knot and ring to  attach to a whistle snap,  MicroClip, or a Hitch Loop.   (See Quail Call Use options


Brass Flush Counters each ( price includes installation on T2, T3, & T4  lanyards or drops).  Not sold separately.   See   options

Counter Drop, two brass counters
                         one brass counter
For the prerequisite on drops, see The First Commandment and  options



Compasses.   I recommend Tru-Nord compasses.
Tru-Nord Compass, 200C, brass or black, undamped and compensated for your region's magnetic declination  installed on  fixed  knots in T2FL, T3, T3M, & T4 Lanyards or the slide knot on T2 Lanyards.  See Options.

A "compass knot,"  braided  around the edge of the compass installed on a lanyard knot (slide or fixed),  a guard against feared damage to shotgun stocks.  Options

Tru-Nord Compass, 100C, brass,  fitted with a dee ring and compass knot to attach to a clip or double detachable hitch loop, see Extras.

Tru-Nord Compass, 100C, brass, permanently attached to a Hitch Loop drop. 






Attaching Accessories: Hitch Loops  Single Hitch Loop  (permanently attached to a compass or call, etc., loop may be attached to the lanyard.)
Double Ended Hitch Loop (accessories may be removed from the loop.)
Hitch Loop with two drops and swivels, etc.


Whistle, Brass  Acme Thunderer Medium,  with  logo engraved on one cheek,  on a brass swivel. Includes a mouth guard if requested. 
Whistles may be personalized with initials on one side, $65, or both, $80.
Whistles are sold only as part of a lanyard order or to those who have previously ordered lanyards. 
See Options


Wildrags for Bird Hunters!   36" square silk, hunter orange with KNOTSMITH logo embroidered in black and braided knot slide. 

I no longer have these wildrags,
but you
may order a wildrag slide alone:



Gift Certificates may be for a fixed dollar amount ($100 minimum)  that can be applied to purchase of products or may be designated for a particular product.  In the latter case, please determine the cost of the product plus options and accessories from this table and $20.00 for shipping.   Add 8.25% sales tax if you are a Texas resident. (That is, for a Texas resident a $100 gift certificate would cost $108.25.)


I custom braid lanyards as per each order. Rather than  buying a standard, stock item lanyard from me, you are asking me to braid a lanyard specifically for you, a custom braided lanyard.  Therefore, I encourage, expect, and depend on you to make informed, specific choices (regarding length, color, and accessories, etc.) and communicate them clearly in your order. If you do not, I will conclude that you want and will be satisfied with "standard" and  or "normal" as described in Options.  At my option, I may charge for any requested alterations arising from your failure to specify other than "normal" or from your dissatisfaction with specifications you made in your order.    Appearance (color, shade, texture, etc.) of leather in your lanyard may vary from what is shown in pictures on these web pages (and from what you see on your screen).  Samples of lace are available for true color determination.

Since your lanyard will be custom braided specifically for you, I expect you to pay or commit to pay the price I quote before I accept your order and add it to my worksheet. 

Prices quoted for a specific order may vary upward from base prices on these web pages. Estimated and actual delivery times will vary to fit unique items/requests and my changing circumstances.  I  reserve the right to change my posted prices at will (e.g.,  because my suppliers change their prices).  Because life is too short to braid even one lanyard with teeth clenched,  I reserve the right to decline (refuse) any order request, and most emphatically, I reserve the right to cancel any order if or when I deem that appropriate.   

My distinctive designs and color schemes are protected as works of art by US Copyright Law.  Duplicating them  is plagiarism.   I will aggressively defend what is mine. The Copyright Law has teeth. 

Now, by disclosing my positions on these points (and posting my Privacy Policy, immediately below on this page),  I have followed my attorney's advice; and by placing an order, you are accepting my terms, so let's get on with the good stuff!  I will enjoy making a lanyard for you, and I hope that you will enjoy wearing it in good health for many splendid seasons!

Privacy Policy:   I will use your information to communicate with you and to deliver your lanyard order to you and for no other  purpose.  I have not made and will not make order information (names, shipping addresses, phone numbers and email addresses) available for use by any third party. Credit card numbers are neither stored electronically nor retained in long term hardcopy records.  I appreciate the opportunity to make lanyards for you, and I try very hard to treat you my customers as I would expect to be treated!    Thanks!  Larry Smith
Larry Smith
PO Box 830219
Richardson, TX 75083-0219
(214) 893-9003;  Email:
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