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Most of the things you get, you have to pay for, one way or another. Some things you only get to do once.  
If you do it right, once is enough!
     Col. Tom Kelly, p. 24 in "Dealer's Choice"

Anything worth doing is worth doing to excess.  Edwin Land

Custom braided lanyards are like that. With most of our gear and clothing,  we are limited to the selections and quality mass produced for stores or catalogs (hardcopy and online),  but with  whistle lanyards you have a choice.  Rather than buying mass-produced, catalog lanyards,  allow me to custom braid a lanyard for you as per your specifications.  I may only get to do it once, but that may  be enough; because I will do it right!  On the other hand, if you want more than one, it is worth doing, and I am willing to do it to excess!

According to an old maxim, "A man shouldn't try to wear a hat that has more character than he has."  On the other hand,  it would seem desirable to wear a hat with as much individuality and genuine character as you can muster; else you will be an undistinguished and, in fact, an indistinguishable part of the herd of wannabes and  pretendtabe phonies in a world characterized by low-quality, mass-produced, imported-from-somewhere, commercial sameness.  For a few of us, that is not nearly enough, not who we are.  Akin to Ross Perot's observation, "Eagles don't flock, you have to find them one at a time."  As the lyrics of a Merle Haggard song had it,   "I stand right here where I'm at, 'cause I wear my own kinda hat." 

Apply that logic to whistle lanyards. Like everyone else, you wear whistles for your dogs, of course; but if your "character" includes being a serious sportsman, comfortable with your individuality and comfortably beyond field trialin' or huntin' on a shoestring, then get beyond and distance yourself from the crowd who, even though they may be carrying  high-dollar shotguns, are wearing their whistles on  bootlaces or catalog lanyards, the commercial equivalent.   Seize this opportunity to express the full measure of your own kind of  "character," your taste and preference for quality.   Wear a  KNOTSMITH custom-braided whistle lanyard made specifically and especially for you right here in North Central Texas!  Together we'll do you a lanyard "right," and  it'll likely outlast us both!  Besides, who knows how much longer I'll be making 'em?   Consider my offer below.

Offer Part 1
I will custom braid a lanyard for you!

I will hand braid your lanyard selection to your specifications, in your color preference, to fit you and your intended use, and deliver it directly to you with my personal guarantee.   Your lanyard will be a trophy that requires no inscription to explain you earned it, and it was made especially for you.

  Offer Part 2
I will custom braid a lanyard as a gift or an award for someone special!

Can't think of what to give a person who seems to have everything and is impressed with very little?  My hand-braided-to-order KNOTSMITHTM  products will be appreciated and will ensure that you and the occasion will be fondly remembered.  KNOTSMITHTM lanyards and leashes are elegant, serviceable, and long-lasting ways to say "You're special!" to your favorite dog person; "Well done!" to field trial winners; or "Thank you!" to clients, trial judges, donors, and your favorite trainer, handler and hunting partner.   Seize the opportune moment to say "You're special!" or "Thank you!" There might not be another, and "intended to, but didn't"  leads to regrets with each recall of the memory.  (However,  please see my  Policy on Donations .   I do not donate lanyards to organizations and events, etc.) 

Consider giving a KNOTSMITHTM Gift Certificate now, let the recipient personalize the product, and , when the certificate is presented to me for redemption, I will enter the order in my database, it will appear on my worksheet,  and when it comes to the top, I will make the lanyard and deliver it.

Thank you for your consideration!  I look forward to making a lanyard for you! 

Larry Smith

"Every time I wear it is a special occasion!
It just keeps getting better with age.

Larry Smith
PO Box 830219
Richardson, TX 75083-0219

(214) 893-9003


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