T2 Lanyards

T2 lanyards were the culmination of making, using, and improving many lanyards during the preceding 35 years of field experience. T2 lanyards, herringbone braided leather lace over nylon cord cores, are robust, well-behaved lanyards. The braid is firm enough so your whistles won’t swing wildly to and fro and strong enough to hold a dog as a slip lead when a field emergency makes that necessary.

  • General Purpose
  • Dog Training
  • Upland Hunting

T2CL Lanyards

T2CL and T2FLCL call lanyards, with permanently attached call loops, are stylish but also substantial and tough, designed to carry calls securely. Kangaroo leather lace herringbone braided over nylon cord and twine cores produce a lanyard and call loops that will not stretch when wet. A T2CL is made on a T2 lanyard base, and a T2FLCL call lanyard is made on a T2FL (fixed-loop) lanyard base.

  • Duck Hunting
  • Goose Hunting
  • Waterfowl Hunting

T3 Leash Lanyards

T3 Leash/Lanyards have a body of braided leather over a nylon cord core, a whistle snap at the bottom of a 5.5″ handloop, a 2.5″ bronze bolt snap, and a small loop for closing the lanyard about the neck. Interwoven knots cover nylon-reinforced connections (bolt snap and handloop). Worn around the neck with the bolt snap fastened in the small loop, the T3 is a 21″ whistle lanyard, useful when running your dog; but opening the bolt snap instantly transforms the T3 into a tough, 32″ leash, useful when collecting your dog and leaving the bird field.

  • Bird Hunting
  • Dog Lead/Leash

TFly Fishing Lanyards

TFLY Fishing Lanyards provide a convenient and comfortable means to carry your fly fishing tools in style!

  • Fly Fishing

Other Products

I makeĀ  limited numbers of other product designs, e.g., T4 Slip Lead Lanyards, T5 Utility Lanyards, TL Leashes, TLS Slip Leads, Hitch Loops, TBC Bird Carriers.