Other Products

In addition to the main group, I make a number of other products including, T4 Slip Lead Lanyards, T5 Utility Lanyards, TL Leashes, TLS Slip Leads, Hitch Loops, TBC Bird Carriers.

  • T4 SLip Lead Lanyards

    A T4 Slip Lead Lanyard is similar to a T3 Leash Lanyard.  Rather than having a T3 head loop that opens and closes with a snap and small loop, the T4’s head loop is continuous. It has a sliding knot to reduce the loop to fit a dog’s neck.

    T4 Slip Lead Lanyard, base price: $325
    Options & Accessories: Same as T3 Leash Lanyards
  • T5 Utility Lanyards

    The T5 Lanyards provide a convenient and secure way to carry and use a pistol, a rangefinder or a transmitter. The T5 has a body of braided leather over a nylon-cord core. The version pictured to the right was constructed to fit a Kimber Custom Covert II and approximate the digital camo pattern on the grips. It has a 48″ head loop with a 10″ drop to a swivel and microclip (“normal” dimensions).

    T5 Utility Lanyard $350
  • TL Leash

    The standard TL is a 36″ leash with a 7″ hand loop, and a bronze Loc-Jaw® snap (or you may choose a 1/2″ or 3/4″bolt snap). 

    TL Leash, base price: $350
  • TLS Slip Leads

    TLS Slip Leads have a 7″ hand loop and a sliding brass ring.  The braided sliding knot that limits the head loop is optional.  The total length is typically 42″.

    TLS Slip Lead $280
    Optional slide knot $40
  • Bird Carriers

    Bird Carriers typically have six 6″ drops and a small brass bolt snap.  

    TBC Bird Carrier, base price: $400
    Optional Belt Loop: $100
  • Other Custom Work

    I occasionally make items such as the Texas Turkey Handle shown.  Other items include key ring fobs, eye glasses lanyards, bracelets, etc.  These items are usually made for customers for whom I have made lanyards.  Prices are quoted for each project.