Type 2 Lanyards

Designed and produced in 1993, Type 2 (T2) Lanyards were the culmination of making, using, and improving many lanyards during the preceding 35 years of field experience. T2 Lanyards, herringbone braided kangaroo leather lace over nylon cord cores, are robust, well-behaved lanyards. The braid is firm enough so your whistles won’t swing wildly to and fro and strong enough to hold a dog as a slip lead when a field emergency makes that necessary.

Personalize your T2 Lanyard by selecting half length, color, options and accessories. See examples and prices below.

Common uses for Type 2 Lanyards

  • Upland Hunting
  • Dog Training

Variations of Type 2 Lanyards


The basic T2 Lanyard


Highly versatile fixed-looped version of the T2 Lanyard


Flat-necked version of the T2 Lanyard


Flat-necked, continuous-bottom-loop version of the T2 Lanyard with a fixed set of options and accessories.

Base Prices

T2 Lanyard $275
T2FL (Fixed-Loop) Lanyard $275
T2FN-C (fixed set of options) $625


Flat-braided neck $115
Slide stopper knots, pair $50
Long, Cylindrical Slide (or main) knot $40


Accessories are not sold separately.

Brass logo whistle (clear tip guard included) $35/ea.
Brass flush counters $100/ea.
Tru-Nord 100C compass, dee ring and knot $100/ea.
Engraving on whistles and compasses quoted case by case Custom
Bobwhite quail call $65/ea.
K-Snap Swivels $40/ea.
Micro Clips $10/ea.

Hitch Loop Options

Single drop hitch loop with permanent attachment (plus cost of attachment) $85
Hitch loop with two drops (plus cost of attachments) $100
Detachable Double Call Loops $200
Double-ended hitch loop $125