T2CL Lanyards

Custom Call Lanyards, T2CL and T2FLCL.

CL call lanyards have fixed (permanently attached) call loops. A T2CL is made on a T2 lanyard base, and a T2FLCL call lanyard is made on a T2FL (fixed-loop) lanyard base. Kangaroo leather lace braided over nylon cord and twine cores produces a lanyard and call loops that do not stretch when wet.

Common uses for T2CL Lanyards

  • Duck Hunting
  • Goose Hunting
  • Waterfowl Hunting

Variations of T2CL Lanyards


Call version of the T2 lanyard


Fixed looped call version of the T2 lanyard

Base Price (without loops)

T2CL Call Lanyard $260
T2FLCL (fixed-loop call) Lanyard $260


Flat-braided neck $115
Slide stopper knots, pair, on T2 base $50
Permanently Attached Call Loops $75 each
Set of call loops for 2-piece call $125 each

Hitch Loop Options

For hitch loops and hitch loop options, see the T2 page.