T3 Leash Lanyards

My T3 Leash/Lanyard is an original design, a piece of equipment that serves two functions afield. With the half inch bolt snap in the small loop, as shown above, the T3 is in the “lanyard mode” with the hand loop hanging down, a 21” lanyard. Open the bolt snap to form a 32” leash / traffic lead.

Common uses for T3 Leash Lanyards

  • Upland Bird Hunting
  • Duck Hunting
  • Goose Hunting
  • Waterfowl Hunting

Variations of T3 Leash Lanyards

T3 Leash/Lanyard

Basic lanyard that also functions as a leash.

T3M Leash/Lanyard

Magnum version of the T3 in that it features a larger nylon-cord core and a bronze Loc-Jaw® snap.

Base Prices

T3 Leash Lanyard $325
T3M Leash Lanyard $375


Extra Swivel $40


Accessories are not sold separately.

Brass logo whistle (clear tip guard included) $35/ea.
Brass flush counters (T3 only) $100/ea.
Tru-Nord 200C compass mounted in main knot (T3 only) $100/ea.
Engraving on whistles and compasses quoted case by case Custom
Bob White quail call $65
K-Snap Swivels $40/ea.
Micro Clips $10/ea.

Hitch Loop Options

Single drop hitch loop with permanent attachment (plus cost of attachment) $85
Hitch loop with two drops (plus cost of attachments) $100
Detachable Double Call Loops $200
Double-ended hitch loop $125