A TFLY Fishing Lanyard provides a means to carry your fly fishing tools comfortably and conveniently, in style, without a vest or pack.   The basic fly fishing lanyard is a fixed-loop lanyard, eight strands of kangaroo lace braided  over a nylon cord core.  Two pair of stainless steel Mini Clips and or Micro Clips on the lanyard cheeks and a central stainless steel ring or clip/snap provide points of attachment for tippets, forceps, scissors, nippers, pill fobs, a mini-light, SPUDZ Ultimate Lens Cleaning Cloth, etc.

TFly Fishing Lanyards: Options, Accessories, and Prices

Accessories not sold separately

TFly Fishing Lanyard, base with ring at bottom but no clips $275


Flat-Braided Neck $114
Long Cylindrical Main Knot $40
Micro Clips (installed), each $20
Mini Clips (installed), each $25
Mini Gate Snap, (bottom) $15
Gate Snap, (bottom) $20
Pigtail, with flat-nose or alligator clip $40

Hitch Loops for Accessories

Single drop hitch loop with permanent attachment (plus cost of attachment) $85
Hitch loop with two drops $100
Double-ended hitch loop $125

Accessories on Hitch Loops

Brass swivels and Micro Clips, each $10
Brass logo whistle (clear tip guard included) $35
Brass flush counters, each $100
Tru-Nord 100C compass, dee ring and knot $100
K-Snap Swivels, each $40
Engraving on whistles and compasses quoted case by case